Chee Productions is a Sydney based production company run by brother and sister team, Matt and Tamiko Chee. As production specialists, we provide the comprehensive expertise and support needed to make beautiful pictures and motion possible. With us on board, every tiny detail is taken care of – so agencies, photographers, directors and clients can feel relaxed and confident every step of the way.

We’re about planning. Lists, timelines, quotes and notes…
Yes, it’s true, planning is one thing we’re more than a little obsessed with. We love our shoots to run smoothly and to deliver premium results. We hate surprises and with every tiny detail taken care of beforehand, it’s usually smooth sailing.

We’re about people. We’re lucky to know lots of talented individuals who we know work well together, so it’s easy for us to pull together the right team for each project. Our productions are all about working as a cohesive team with all hands on deck.
Alternatively, we’re happy to slot into your existing team and simply help you get the job done. Either way, we’re flexible, professional and level headed.

We’re about professionalism. After years of solving production dilemmas we’ve built up a wealth of experience and a solid track record. No problem is too big, small or tricky for us to handle. Snow in summer? Smoke machines in the Balinese jungle with a bull elephant? Bring it on!!

We’re about passion. We love what we do, and we throw ourselves into it 100%. We bring plenty of positive energy to every job… and if you’re lucky, some homemade muffins too.